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    Università di Bari Aldo Moro and SER&P promote the new digital degree scrolls

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    BARI, 13 NOV – One hundred recent graduates of the University of Bari received the first graduation scrolls produced with digital printing of the Bari University today. The delivery ceremony, chaired by the rector Antonio Uricchio, was also attended by the singer Dodi Battaglia, who is said to be happy to “testify to these young people that the study, for those who have the desire to make a great dream come true, is a road to follow. be born talented, – said the Pooh singer – but then you have to study a lot. ” For the first day of graduation of the University of Bari, new graduates from different faculties were selected who concluded their current career with a mark of 110 cum laude. The parchments, smaller than the traditions, are already available to graduates from 1st July 2016, and will soon be available for graduates after 1st September 2012. The parchments can be booked online through the university portal, accrediting with your Esse3 credentials. After booking, within a few days, the graduate student will receive instructions on how to collect the diploma on their institutional email. “We make the delivery of the parchments more immediate and timely,” explained Uricchio, “for whom he will not expect more years but will be given to graduates in time. This novelty, which today also celebrates with a moment of celebration, is among other things among the objectives of the digitalization of University services “.


    Just bring your mobile phone close to the parchment, frame the code printed on the bottom right and know in real time if the degree is authentic. It is the anti-counterfeiting measure introduced by the University of Bari Aldo Moro. The new graduation scrolls with digital printing were delivered to the first hundred doctors from Bari. All those who graduated after August 31, 2012 will be able to get them. In addition to the smaller size of about 30 percent which allows printing within the university with a big saving (the certificate costs only 80 cents compared to the 3, 60 euros paid in typography), the new degree degree contains the mark that certifies its originality. This is the QR code printed on each parchment that allows, through the Scerpa app downloadable on smartphones, to trace the original certificate deposited in the digital archives of the University. To curate the digital restyling of the parchments was Professor Fabio Mavelli, professor of chemistry.
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    Software System Governance & Security

    Software System Governance & Security

    Network Security monitoring Icon
    Network Security Monitoring (NSM)
    Vulnerability Assessment (VA)
    & Penetration Test (PT)
    IT Assessment Icon
    IT Assessment


    The software systems must be increasingly complex in their realization and consequently the particular attention paid to management, control, maintenance and adaptation activities with particular reference to the issues of security and business continuity. As regards the obligation to comply with regulatory constraints, IT control becomes an essential factor and with increasing regulatory requirements, required by numerous institutions worldwide, control rules are constantly checked and monitored by internal networks, data, resources and access.

    SER&Practices takes care of the global management of the infrastructure by intervening in the presence of anomalies and producing analytical reports useful for assessing the quality of the services provided. SER&Practices, in general, provides an in-depth analysis of the context of the target organization to co-design the governance, security and business continuity program. This analysis is carried out using data and information present in the company and detecting the most critical objectives of the organization and then proceeding with the approval and subsequent execution of the shared program.

    Software Process & Product Quality

    Software Process & Product Quality

    In the context of an increasingly competitive global and local market, quality management becomes an indispensable requirement, constituting an element of differentiation from unqualified competition, acting as a strategic commercial tool capable of improving the organization’s image and credibility. The definition of quality is not, nor can it be, unambiguous, as it is now known that it must be defined with respect to the ability of a product or process to satisfy the needs, expressed or latent, of consumers and / or customers. The application of quality in software products has taken on a central role also thanks to the awareness that it is cheaper to avoid making mistakes than to try to eliminate them at the end of the production process. In this way, the costs to be attributed to errors are minimized as soon as the company is able to continuously manage and improve the processes from the point of view of quality, mitigating the causes of the defects identified in the software products. SER & Practices has cultivated high-profile skills in this regard both by virtue of its proximity to research environments on software engineering and thanks to the international collaborations and partnerships launched, such as that with the University of Castilla La Mancha and AQCLab, which have made the company involved and informed of all developments related to the family of ISO 25000 standards and in some cases protagonists, as for ISO25012 and ISO25024, in the definition of methods and in the development of data quality assessment tools. SER&Practices was the first company in Italy and the fourth in Europe to certify a software product. The quality assessment services provided by the company are:

    • Product quality. The output of the product quality assessment service consists of a report showing the quality status of the product analyzed.
      • standard ISO/IEC 25010:2011.
      • Products used: Kiuwan; Micro Focus Fortify;
    • Process quality. The service can be used on several levels which provide the following outputs in ascending order: production of a map of the interventions; design of the new process; evaluation of the new process; institutionalization plan of the results. 
      • Standard: Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2015, ISO 15504 ecc
      • Products used: GQM; QIP; Metric sheets.

    Software System Design & Development

    It is the area that gathers the skills related to the production of software intended as a comprehensive systemic approach to governance of the entire software life cycle, from the definition and specification of the requirements to be implemented to the continuous monitoring of operating performance. SER&Practices due to its genesis and the nature of university spin off born from a research laboratory in software engineering, uses numerous development processes with mastery and awareness, from Waterfall to Agile, depending on the characteristics of the project to be carried out and needs of the customers to whom it addresses, being able to adapt quickly to the latter if necessary, integrating perfectly into their processes and development teams. The production of software nowadays is no longer a mere activity of writing more or less functional code, but it is an organic process of the company itself and as such must be organized, disciplined and governed. SER&Practices already does all this for its software development projects and, of course, has the skills to do it also for the projects of its customers and partners. In addition to an in-depth knowledge of the major development paradigms, quality-oriented design principles and guidelines for code security-oriented development, SER&Practices also provides a series of complementary skills often overlooked by those who develop software especially in the phase planning:

    • Ability to select languages, design / development patterns, the best architectures for solving the problem
    • Ability to scout technology, libraries, third-party services to support development. The success of a software production project depends to a large extent on the basic components that you intend to use
    • Ability to introduce commonly used technologies in some areas in others completely different
    • Ability to regulate the software development process according to the Project Management and Resource Management methodologies
    • Ability to quickly intervene even on software not directly produced by the company for re-engineering, migration to new architectures or system integration

    The services provided by the company within this area are as follows:

    • Design and development of service oriented architectures (SOA) and / or based on micro-services
    • Design and development of immersive X-Reality applications (Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality)
    • Design and development of applications based on cognitive services (Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Document Search & Crawling, etc …)
    • WEB application design and development
    • Design and development of APP for mobile devices
    • Reengineering of legacy applications and migration to Modern Architecture
    • Design and development of IoT solutions for adaptive monitoring

    Project Management

    Project management is becoming increasingly complex as a direct effect of the technological turbulence, the transversality of the domains on which the projects focus and the dimensions of the project initiatives themselves. The complexity of the projects is therefore a multidimensional and articulated space that requires specific skills and proven skills. Research and development projects in particular, even more those financed from public funds, are at the top of the complexity since they add to the normal critical ones those connected: to the uncertainty of the results, since these must be the result of research whose results are all the more uncertain how much more research is frontier; the difficulty of estimating times, costs and resources with reference to objectives to be achieved which are difficult to specify; the criticality of the management of highly qualified personnel and development teams; to find suitable skills for the research to be conducted; looking for sources of funding; the preparation of applications for funded calls and the reporting of the activities carried out, which notoriously require the compilation of forms and forms that are extremely complex and often distant from company practices; cash problems that can be determined during implementation.

    SER&Practices was born as a subject suited to industrial research and the preparation and implementation of complex research projects. He immediately gained prominent skills in this area, creating an internal Project Management Office, a structure responsible for managing internal projects which, subsequently, thanks to his successes, also began to operate on behalf of third parties in favor of numerous customers, for which it actually implements a turnkey management of project initiatives.

    Over time, the Company has adopted its own approach to project management which, inspired by the PMBOK of the Project Management Institute and focused on research and development projects, involves the use of ad hoc processes of Start-up, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Control and Closing, as well as document templates, checklists and work management tools. It internally develops skills in the three main areas of Project Management, namely, Technical Project Management, Leadership and Strategic and Business Management, skills that it continuously updates thanks also to the collaboration of some of its founding members with the Project Management Institute Southern Italy Chapter (PMI -SIC) and the joint organization and participation in dissemination and professional updating events promoted by the PMI.

    The company also develops skills useful for the introduction of Project Management in diversified production contexts, typically represented by small and medium-sized enterprises that intend to enhance their management skills. In this context, it also has its own Lean approach to project management called PMStart which streamlines planning to the extreme by focusing on 4 focal elements, the What, When Who and How (WWWH), making it particularly suitable for Startups or immature contexts. PMStart can, if necessary, be instrumented through tools to help manage software projects.

    This area of ​​competence also becomes strategic on the market also in light of the current regulatory framework which, acknowledging the importance of knowing how to decompose and face today’s complexity, pushes towards the acquisition of skills and competences aimed at project management, such as for example, the case of UNI 11648: 2016 standards – Requirements of knowledge, skills and competence of the Project Manager and UNI ISO 21500: 2013 – Guide to project management (Project Management) and the new Public Contracts Code pursuant to Legislative Decree 50/2016 and of the ANAC Guidelines n.3 / 2016 and subsequent updates that require for the RUP (Sole Manager of the Procedure) to possess “adequate training in the field of Project Management”.

    The services provided by the company within this area are, among others, the following:

    definition of the project idea, search for sources of funding, drafting of the project or application, assistance in relations with funding bodies, planning of the initiative, support during the execution phase, monitoring, control and closure of the project, Project Office services, targeted training for CAPM and PMP certification preparation

    SER&P achieves TREND MICRO Hybrid Cloud Security Specialization

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    Here at SER&P we are proud to announce this great achievement.

    Trend Micro Hybrid Cloud Security Specialization

    With an exploding set of cloud infrastructure services and an increasing number of stakeholders involved in infrastructure and security decisions, the cloud has formed the perfect storm for security. In order to gain the benefits of the cloud and meet business objectives, cloud security needs to be made less complex.

    Business requirements and DevOps processes demand faster application delivery, however, if you increase the speed of delivery, everything else must follow suit. For example, compliance, which changes based on industry, geography, and infrastructure, as well as protecting against evolving and increasingly sophisticated threat vectors.

    Trend Micro Cloud One™ solution is a security services platform for cloud builders that delivers the broadest and deepest cloud security offering in one solution, enabling you to secure your cloud infrastructure with clarity and simplicity.

    By considering your cloud projects and objectives holistically, Cloud One is able to provide powerful security, while you leverage all of the benefits and efficiencies the cloud offers your business.

    With a comprehensive set of services, designed specifically for the cloud, Cloud One secures the different parts of your environment within one simple platform integrating directly into your DevOps processes and toolchain (seamlessly complements and integrates with existing AWS, Azure, Google Cloud™. VMware, Docker and Kubernetes toolsets).

    Cloud One includes the following services:

    • Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Workload Security: Runtime protection for workloads (virtual, physical, cloud, and containers)
    • Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Container Image Security: Image scanning in your build pipeline
    • Trend Micro Cloud One™ – File Storage Security: Security for cloud file and object storage services
    • Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Application Security: Security for serverless functions, APIs, and applications
    • Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Network Security: Cloud network layer IPS security
    • Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Conformity: Cloud security and compliance posture management
    Trend Micro Specialization Program

    The Trend Micro Certified Professional designation is intended for employees, partners and customers who work with Trend Micro products and solutions in enterprise environments.

    Specializations are an integral part of the Trend Micro Partner Program for resellers. They recognize our expertise and knowledge in key market segments and core solution areas. Specializations are earned by meeting a combination of sales training and technical certification requirements. We congratulate our employees upon achievement of Trend Micro Hybrid Cloud Security Specialization, thus adding value to the company.

    If you are interested in Trend Micro Cloud One™ solutions, contact us