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    Software System Design & Development

    It is the area that gathers the skills related to the production of software intended as a comprehensive systemic approach to governance of the entire software life cycle, from the definition and specification of the requirements to be implemented to the continuous monitoring of operating performance. SER&Practices due to its genesis and the nature of university spin off born from a research laboratory in software engineering, uses numerous development processes with mastery and awareness, from Waterfall to Agile, depending on the characteristics of the project to be carried out and needs of the customers to whom it addresses, being able to adapt quickly to the latter if necessary, integrating perfectly into their processes and development teams. The production of software nowadays is no longer a mere activity of writing more or less functional code, but it is an organic process of the company itself and as such must be organized, disciplined and governed. SER&Practices already does all this for its software development projects and, of course, has the skills to do it also for the projects of its customers and partners. In addition to an in-depth knowledge of the major development paradigms, quality-oriented design principles and guidelines for code security-oriented development, SER&Practices also provides a series of complementary skills often overlooked by those who develop software especially in the phase planning:

    • Ability to select languages, design / development patterns, the best architectures for solving the problem
    • Ability to scout technology, libraries, third-party services to support development. The success of a software production project depends to a large extent on the basic components that you intend to use
    • Ability to introduce commonly used technologies in some areas in others completely different
    • Ability to regulate the software development process according to the Project Management and Resource Management methodologies
    • Ability to quickly intervene even on software not directly produced by the company for re-engineering, migration to new architectures or system integration

    The services provided by the company within this area are as follows:

    • Design and development of service oriented architectures (SOA) and / or based on micro-services
    • Design and development of immersive X-Reality applications (Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality)
    • Design and development of applications based on cognitive services (Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Document Search & Crawling, etc …)
    • WEB application design and development
    • Design and development of APP for mobile devices
    • Reengineering of legacy applications and migration to Modern Architecture
    • Design and development of IoT solutions for adaptive monitoring