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    We are the first Italian company certified for software quality based on ISO 25000 and the first spin-off of the University of Bari for revenue and results of industrial research. We are partners of the companies that produce software, from small and medium enterprises to multinational corporations as well as Public Administrations. We transform the research results into technological innovation accessible by anyone.
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    Imaginean evolved and dynamic backup and recovery information system of that allows to quickly recover systems, data and infrastructures necessary for deploying your company’s business services, compatible with any operative system (Windows, Linux o Mac).

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    Imagine that patients can book a specialist examination at home and receive the results of the medical examination at home.

    Imagine a platform that supports the development of vertical and specialized IoT solutions.

    NOW stop imagining. We have already designed the efficient future for your company.

    WE ARE…

    WE ARE…

    SER&Practices (SER&P.) is a Spin-off of the University of Bari that intends building on and enforcing the capabilities of both software production companies and those that use software as significant resource to achieve their business and strategic goals. This is done by transferring them software engineering research and innovation results.