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    SER&P achieves TREND MICRO Hybrid Cloud Security Specialization

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    Here at SER&P we are proud to announce this great achievement.

    Trend Micro Hybrid Cloud Security Specialization

    With an exploding set of cloud infrastructure services and an increasing number of stakeholders involved in infrastructure and security decisions, the cloud has formed the perfect storm for security. In order to gain the benefits of the cloud and meet business objectives, cloud security needs to be made less complex.

    Business requirements and DevOps processes demand faster application delivery, however, if you increase the speed of delivery, everything else must follow suit. For example, compliance, which changes based on industry, geography, and infrastructure, as well as protecting against evolving and increasingly sophisticated threat vectors.

    Trend Micro Cloud One™ solution is a security services platform for cloud builders that delivers the broadest and deepest cloud security offering in one solution, enabling you to secure your cloud infrastructure with clarity and simplicity.

    By considering your cloud projects and objectives holistically, Cloud One is able to provide powerful security, while you leverage all of the benefits and efficiencies the cloud offers your business.

    With a comprehensive set of services, designed specifically for the cloud, Cloud One secures the different parts of your environment within one simple platform integrating directly into your DevOps processes and toolchain (seamlessly complements and integrates with existing AWS, Azure, Google Cloud™. VMware, Docker and Kubernetes toolsets).

    Cloud One includes the following services:

    • Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Workload Security: Runtime protection for workloads (virtual, physical, cloud, and containers)
    • Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Container Image Security: Image scanning in your build pipeline
    • Trend Micro Cloud One™ – File Storage Security: Security for cloud file and object storage services
    • Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Application Security: Security for serverless functions, APIs, and applications
    • Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Network Security: Cloud network layer IPS security
    • Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Conformity: Cloud security and compliance posture management
    Trend Micro Specialization Program

    The Trend Micro Certified Professional designation is intended for employees, partners and customers who work with Trend Micro products and solutions in enterprise environments.

    Specializations are an integral part of the Trend Micro Partner Program for resellers. They recognize our expertise and knowledge in key market segments and core solution areas. Specializations are earned by meeting a combination of sales training and technical certification requirements. We congratulate our employees upon achievement of Trend Micro Hybrid Cloud Security Specialization, thus adding value to the company.

    If you are interested in Trend Micro Cloud One™ solutions, contact us

    SER&P achieves TREND MICRO Small Business Security Specialization

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    Here at SER&P we are proud to announce this great achievement.

    Small Business Security Specialization

    More small businesses around the world rely on Trend Micro’s security solutions to protect them than any other content security provider. Because Trend Micro solutions are proactive, easy to use, and custom-built for small businesses, they can focus on running their business with market-leading IT security solutions.

    Trend Micro™ SMB products is specifically designed to protect all endpoints with device and email protection. To save time and resources, it combines the following features; protection for devices, email security to protect on-premises email, and protections for cloud app (Microsoft® Office 365® email, Gmail™, and collaboration tools such as Microsoft® OneDrive® for Business, Google Drive™, Dropbox™, and Box).

    Trend Micro SMB products provide:

    • The ability to detect and block an ever-growing variety of threats, including fileless and ransomware
    • The capability to stop email threats in the cloud before they reach your network
    • Protection against spear phishing, credential phishing, business email compromise (BEC), and advanced targeted attacks
    • An all-in-one lightweight agent
    Trend Micro Specialization Program

    The Trend Micro Certified Professional designation is intended for employees, partners and customers who work with Trend Micro products and solutions in enterprise environments.

    Specializations are an integral part of the Trend Micro Partner Program for resellers. They recognize our expertise and knowledge in key market segments and core solution areas. Specializations are earned by meeting a combination of sales training and technical certification requirements. We congratulate our employees upon achievement of Trend Micro Small Business Security Specialization, thus adding value to the company.

    If you are interested in Trend Micro SMB solutions, contact us

    SER&P at Confindustria General Assembly. Ready for industry 4.0

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    Yesterday has been held in Sitael Spa Confindustria Bari/BAT General Assembly.
    “Oggi, l’industria di domani” the title of the meeting focused on industry 4.0, with the partecipation of the Minister of Economical Developement Carlo Calenda, the President of Confindustria Vincenzo Boccia, the President of Regione Puglia Michele Emiliano, the Major of Bari Antonio De Caro.

    SER&P has partecipated with his projects for HevoLAB, research laboratory of Hevolus group, and with Danilo Caivano, Software Enginering Teacher at University of Bari and Chief Research Officer HevoLAB.
    Caivano has presented the HevoLAB integrate approach to industry 4.0 improving the customer experience.

    Hevolab combines Company Organization, Business Models and Advanced Technology.
    The organization put together the innovative vision of Antonella Lanotte, AD Hevolus, with the multinational Würth and SER&Practices, University of Bari spin off, to make real ideas and concepts.
    Business models developed have the purpose to reduce the decisional process that brings to purchase a product, making better the edhonic and emotional experience.
    As last, the technology, developed by SER&P, based on Virtual and Hybrid Reality. and last generation devices, like Microsoft HoloLens, are able to bring to life the contact with the product, before and directly in the places where it is or it will be used.
    The approach of HevoLab is all this, it’s to dematerialize to get tangible: it looks a paradox but it’s the reality.

    SER&P is one partner of HevoLAB for all technological and innovation projects.

    Carlo Calenda - Assemblea Generale Confindustria

    Assemblea Generale Confindustria

    Crowd-Testing, learning and working. Join us!

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    Tuesday 22nd November, h 11.30 / 14.30, in Aula II of Palazzo delle Aule will be held the seminary Crowd-Testing.
    A new way of testing learning and working freely, with no space and time limit, accordingly mobile age paradigm.
    It’s what proposes Crowdville, a company who SER&P has signed a partnership technical and commercial agreement with and who intend to improve the quality of services and contents of big brands, organising the common knowledge.

    CrowdVille with his innovative approach to the Quality Assurance, does not substitute traditional quality and testing  methods, but support a Marketing office of companies providing an user vision, the one of “real world”. This methodology improves the results of a quality analysis, thanks to evaluations provided by “crowders”.
    These is what will be discussed during the seminary, in which will be presented the platform and the different kind of Crowd Test campaign useful for finding out bugs, improving user experience and the whole end to end process of analysis.

    The seminary is opened is part of the following courses:
    – Metodi Sperimentali per la Produzione del Software
    – Integrazione e Test di Sistemi Software
    – Reti di Calcolatori
    – Architettura degli Elaboratori e Sistemi Operativi
    – Project Management
    All Computer Science students are invited.

    The event poster.



    Quality of Service at the centre of the Partnership with Crowdville

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    SER&P has signed a technical-commercial agreement with Crowdville Ltd.
    Crowdville is an UK company that intend to improve the quality of services and contents supplied by own customers using common knowledge.

    Crowdville, with an innovative approach to the Quality Assurance, doesn’t substitute to traditional testing methods, but supports customer marketing offices supplying the user vision, the one of real world. This methodology improves the result of a quality analysis thanks to the evaluations provided by crowders.

    SER&P will implement the activities to facilitate new crowders joining, by creating an ICT experts community, an OutLab ables to provide a specialistic contribution to the Crowd Test campaigns promoted by Crowdville.
    Moreover, SER&P will work as centre for Crowdville in Puglia and will organize events and demos on Crowdville.

    A new partnership, in which SER&P will use his own know-how in Quality of Service to provide an high level contribute to Crowdville activities.

    SER&P For HevoLAB, two innovative solutions in preview at SICAM

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    HevoLAB trademark by Hevolus presents two SER&P solutions SER&P for an international preview at SICAM of Pordenone, International Exhibition of Components, Semifinished Products and Accessories for the Furniture Industrye Semilavorati per l’Industria del Mobile. The event is scheduled from 18th to 21st of October, where more than 560 companies will present to buyers and designers from all over the world the most important innovations that will characterize the next furnishing exhibition collections.

    They are:
    three different applications of Microsoft #Hololens technology to support
    – the interior design
    – the production of virtual catalogue of furnishing in real dimension
    – the evaluation phase for the design scenario

    APP realized with the collaboration of the VR3LAB – Politecnico di Bari, for the immersive surfing of environment and components through viewer virtual reality, to imrpove the customer experience in the production and sale furnishing sector.

    Moreover, it will present WOE, the APP by SER&P that helps carpenters and artisans of personalized furniture in their work.

    SER&P is the main partner of HevoLAB in all technological and innovation projects.

    Designing Next Generation Project Managers, Workshop in Brindisi

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    Designing Next Generation Project Managers is a workshop dedicated to project managment methods, principles, processes, promoted by the Computer Science Department of the University of Bari, the Third Italian Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the United Nations.
    The event will be held on 20th and 21st October 2016, in the UN Logistics Base, Brindisi that represents a high level example of project management in different sectors as peace mission and software development.
    The event which will host speeches and lessons on project management and successful cases of study as a collaboration between PMI-Italian universities, is an important educational and sharing knowledge opportunity, in a strategic field of the global technological scenario.

    20/21 October 2016
    UN Logistics Base Brindisi
    Piazza del Vento, 1


    Free event, entrance is by invitation. Further information and invitation request:

    21th October

    08.30 – 09.00 Welcome and registration
    09.00 – 10.00 Institutional speech and introduction
    10.00 – 10.30 Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (Paul Gardiner, Skema Business School)
    10.30 – 11.00 Coffee break
    11.00 – 12.30 Keynote speechs:
    – Project Management in Action: UN Intelligent Wide Area Network
    – PMBOK and PRINCE2: a tale of two best practices
    12.30 – 13.30 Ongoing initiatives:
    – The PMI-SIC Academy (Danilo Caivano, University of Bari, PMI-SIC Director)
    13.30 – 15.00 Business lunch
    15.00 – 16.00 Experience, best practices and lessons learned – PMI Southern Italy Chapter
    The PMI-SIC educational path (Edoardo Grimaldi, IBM Italia and PMI SIC Vice President):
    – Skills For Life (Giuseppe Cocozza, HP Enterprise Services and PMI SIC – Liason PMIef)
    – Olympic Games (Vincenzo Testini, PMO Exprivia SpA and PMI SIC Director )
    – PM in university and post degree courses (Gianluca Elia, Università del Salento)
    16.00 – 16.30 Coffee break
    16.30 – 17.30 Experience, best practices and lessons learned – PMI Central Italy Chapter
    – Chapter overview (Annamaria Felici, Raffaele Avella Past Presidents)
    – Scenario, market, new organizations and new professions (Mauro Gatti – Sapienza Università di Roma)
    – Initiatives:
    • Corso di Alta Formazione “Project Program Portfolio Management” (Anna Maria Felici – PMI Central Italy Chapter & Fabio Nonino – Sapienza Università di Roma)
    • Lessons learnt: How we grew after several editions of the Master in PM at LUISS Business School (Paolo Cecchini, PMO leader at Ericsson; professor of Risk Management at LUISS Business School)
    – Conclusions
    17.30 – 18.30 Experience, best practices and lessons learned – PMI Northen Italy Chapter
    – An overview of PMI-NIC experience (Armando Beffani – Business and Program Manager at CEFRIEL and PMI-NIC Director)
    – The RISCOSS project and results (Angelo Susi – Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
    – Project Management in Humanities and Liberal Arts programs: Awkward couple or matching parts? The Project Management Lab within the Master degree in Communication at Università di Udine (Paolo Fedele, Univesity of Udine)
    20.30 – 23.00 Social Dinner

    21th October
    09.00 – 11.00 ROUND TABLE: PM between public and private: Needs and opportunities (Moderator: Giuseppe Visaggio University of Bari)
    – Prof. Vito ALBINO – Dipartimento di Meccanica, Matematica e Management Politecnico di Bari e Agenzia Regionale per la Tecnologia e l’Innovazione
    – Dott. Dante ALTOMARE, Vc President Public Market Division – EXPRIVIA spa
    – Dott.ssa Ilaria COLAZZO, Segreteria nazionale ADI – Associazione Dottorandi e Dottori di Ricerca Italiani
    – Prof. Domenico LAFORGIA – Direttore del Dipartimento Sviluppo Economico, Innovazione, Istruzione, Formazione e Lavoro – REGIONE PUGLIA
    – Dott. Salvatore LATRONICO, Presidente del Distretto Produttivo di Informatica
    – Prof. Luca MAINETTI, Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Innovazione – Università del Salento
    – Ing. Mario MEGA, Autorità Portuale del Levante
    – Dott. Pietro Romanazzi, InnovaPuglia SpA
    – Prof. Domenico SACCA’ – Università della Calabria
    – Pof.ssa Maria Luisa SARDELLI, ITT G.Giorgi
    – Prof. Eugenio di SCIASCIO, Rettore del Politecnico di Bari
    – Prof. Giancarlo TANUCCI, Dipartimento di Scienze della Formazione, Psicologia, Comunicazione – Università di Bari
    11.00 – 11.30 Coffee break
    11.30 – 13.00 Brainstorming session, future steps and workshop wrap-up

    The complete brochure


    University of Bari Spin Off conference

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    “Research and innovation for sustainable development – University of Bari Spin Off conference”.
    This is an event promoted by the University of Bari to facilitate a meeting between Spin Off and stakeholders. SER&Practices will be present together with thirteen societies.
    A description of the characteristics and activities of Spin Off can be found in an e-book compiled by the University.
    The conference is scheduled for 27th May at 9:30am at Salone Degli Affreschi of Palazzo Ateneo, Piazza Umberto I.

    09.30 a.m.
    Welcome by Dean – Prof. Antonio Felice Uricchio

    09.45 a.m.
    Speech by Regione Puglia Economic development Councillor – Dr. Loredana Capone

    10.00 a.m.
    Speech by Delegate of Dean for research – Prof. Francesco Giorgino

    10.15 a.m.
    Speech by Delegate of Dean for research on Spin-Off – Prof. Vito Roberto Santamato

    10.30 a.m.
    Video Presentation about Spin-Off activities

    11.00 a.m.
    Coffee Break

    11.30 a.m.
    B2B Session: Spin-Off meeting with stakeholders

    SER&P sustains the CRIKHET network

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    The enterprises belonging to the CRIKHET network are related by a common mission: implement, in the public and private healthcare facilities, a new methodological and integrated technological ICT solutions that are able assure a greater rationalization of health expenditure without reducing the services offered and improving the quality of performances. The “CRIKHET” network of companies is connected by the common objective of «abandoning a health care system focused on doctors and “disease” to move towards a system focused on the “patient” and organized around their needs, i.e. shift the focus from the volumes and profitability of the services offered (visits, hospitalizations, procedures and examinations) to the therapeutic results obtained».
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