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    SER&P sustains the CRIKHET network

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    The enterprises belonging to the CRIKHET network are related by a common mission: implement, in the public and private healthcare facilities, a new methodological and integrated technological ICT solutions that are able assure a greater rationalization of health expenditure without reducing the services offered and improving the quality of performances. The “CRIKHET” network of companies is connected by the common objective of «abandoning a health care system focused on doctors and “disease” to move towards a system focused on the “patient” and organized around their needs, i.e. shift the focus from the volumes and profitability of the services offered (visits, hospitalizations, procedures and examinations) to the therapeutic results obtained».
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    Companies protected by Clouds

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    BIT stands for “Back in Time” and it refers to our service thought for protecting information environments of companies, enterprises, entities and so on. It is a combination of Cloud systems and high level technologies present on the market in terms of Offsite/Onsite and Disaster Recovery characterized by low costs and highly versatile solutions. For more information: