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    BIT Email Archiver

    In today fast paced digital era, email is the primary tool for businesses to communicate: around 300 billion emails are sent and received worldwide every day. Keeping track of the corporate communication can be difficult, but a growing number of regulations around email compliance and other legislation require businesses to do so.

    BIT Email Archiver is a powerful and simple Email Governance solution, developed in order to easily and safely protect business critical information, manage email, risk and compliance.

    One service that offers the essential functions for Email Archiving and for Email Compliance in order to easily and safely archive email and critical business information. Furthermore, the E-Discovery feature allows to do quick and reliable searches using an instant full-text technique, (and then) for improving employee efficiency.

    BIT Email Archiver is compliant with the GDPR regulation by assuring conditional and controlled access to personal data, and supporting the role of the Privacy Officer.

    BIT Email Archiver is a solution, easy to deploy, use and manage, highly customizable thanks to a full integration with pre-existing systems, that allows you to create specific rules with intuitive set-up wizards.

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    Libraesva Email Archiver
    Libraesva Email Archiver