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    Software System Governance & Security


    The software systems must be increasingly complex in their realization and consequently the particular attention paid to management, control, maintenance and adaptation activities with particular reference to the issues of security and business continuity. As regards the obligation to comply with regulatory constraints, IT control becomes an essential factor and with increasing regulatory requirements, required by numerous institutions worldwide, control rules are constantly checked and monitored by internal networks, data, resources and access.

    SER&Practices takes care of the global management of the infrastructure by intervening in the presence of anomalies and producing analytical reports useful for assessing the quality of the services provided. SER&Practices, in general, provides an in-depth analysis of the context of the target organization to co-design the governance, security and business continuity program. This analysis is carried out using data and information present in the company and detecting the most critical objectives of the organization and then proceeding with the approval and subsequent execution of the shared program.