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    Application Security – SER&P achieves Micro Focus Specialization

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    Here at SER&P we are proud to announce this great achievement which sees us Gold Level certificate in Application Security Portfolio.

    Micro Focus Application Security Specialization

    In recent years, software went from being a support function of business to an innovation center, becoming the essential competitive differentiator for most businesses in every vertical and size. With this shift in the role of software, businesses today are dramatically increasing the number of applications and the frequency of releases, with little thought given to non-functional requirements. In addition, modern applications are increasing in complexity due to the need for speed, and as a result, developers’ reliance on code re-use as well as open source and commercial (COTS) components has increased dramatically. This has huge implications on security teams to find and manage vulnerabilities. As a consequence, some of the notable security breaches in recent years were due to vulnerabilities in third party code components.

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    Email Security and Governance: SER&P & Libraesva

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    SER&P, in its continuous path of specialization in Cyber ​​Security, has qualified as a Certified Partner for Libraesva solutions, thus starting a partnership to develop new opportunities and to offer an increasingly complete service to its customers in Email Security and Governance area.


    E-mail is the main means of corporate communication. It is estimated that currently over 300 billion emails are sent and received daily all over the world and this is a number destined to grow. It is therefore no wonder that email is the preferred tool for spreading cyber attacks. Furthermore, it is clear that everything that travels by email constitutes a precious trace of the work done in the company and preserving this information from accidental loss must be considered a priority.

    Therefore, it is essential to have complete protection and it is necessary to have a more effective solution that protects corporate communications and provides a thorough analysis of all incoming and outgoing messages.

    Relying on cloud providers that offer specific collaboration solutions and that include mail management is not enough (e.g. Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite).

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