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    Imagine a virtual warehouse, accessible by anyone, for storing and distributing cereal products, without waste and with constantly monitored stocking silos.

    At the end of any production cycle of a product follows the role of the storage centers which are responsible for storing the product in their silos. This stage involves several stakeholders that take care of concentrating productions of the cereal companies, qualitatively adapting the merchandise, and finally transporting the products and sell them. This stage may represent a weak point of the entire production chain as the operators involved are not always the producers. Having an internet connection with access credentials all of the actors involved in the execution of automated processes can use the portal.

    Starting from an analysis of the current modus operandi of the production chain, the system intends formalizing the current processes, reengineer them and automate their execution as much as possible through software demonstrator prototypes that are available through a web portal that serves as unique access point for all the services/processes developed.

    The system allows to achieve the following results: integration of all the components of the production chain ranging from storage to transport and distribution; protection of the product and of its organoleptic characteristics during the entire production chain; manufacturer loyalty and increased appreciation on behalf of the entire sector.

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