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    Immagine to learn and to work freely, with no space and time limit, testing software to search mistakes, bugs and usability issues.

    In the actual scenario of services erogati e fruiti through many kind of devices and many phases, that sometimes involve external supplier, traditional testing methods used by Marketing offices could be not sufficient.

    Crowdville with his innovative approach to the Quality Assurance intends to improve the quality of services and contents supplied by own customers using common knowledge, supplying the user vision, the one of real world.

    The centrale idea is that putting together internal design activity with the vision of a community organized in an innovative way, arranged by technology and web contents users, is possible to supply high quality services and solutions that with traditional methods coudn’t be reached.

    The service is oriented to companies that intend to improve their sevices quality, and to users (crowders) that can work freely, evaluating softwares, platforms and services that they should use in anycase.

    Do you wanto to learn and work freely, using products and sevices that you are interested in?

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    Do you want to improve the customer experience thanks to the knowledge of advanced users community who can test your services?

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