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    1) ICT counseling to companies
    The company offers counseling to small, medium and large enterprises as well as public institutions with the final intent to define, carry out and guide projects concerning diffusion of technological innovation. Through e-learning approaches as well as “training on job” we transfer innovative technologies and solutions to human resources of an enterprise training highly qualified staff to be able to consolidate and promote the computerization process within the company as well as projects related to the market. Since 2006 we have trained and transferred over 100 specialized personnel to our partners.

    We also take care of counseling related to technical, economical, financial, marketing and legal topics also with the intent of achieving funding.

    2) Technological transfer
    Among the instruments used by SER&P in transferring innovations, we organize seminars, training courses, and adoption of innovative communication tools. More precisely we provide:

    • – information systems necessary for enhancing computerization projects and/or diffiusion of innovation towards organizations, small, medium and large companies;
    • – design and management of workshops, conferences and seminars;
    • – development and training of innovative processes and/or products.

    3) Lifelong Learning

    We promote continuous and sustainable training for individual or collective recipients through exchanges and collaborations among University, Research institutes and companies so they can represent a reference point. In accordance with the provisions of the Lisbon Strategy, the overall objective is to contribute through lifelong learning, to the development of the Community as an advanced society of work and greater social cohesion.

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